“I’m lured by the essence of things, by an incessant tension towards the Truth, the Absolute, the Spiritual in art.”

Bacteria, 2023, is a fascinating artistic cycle that transports observers into a unique visual realm, where abstraction magically merges with inspiration drawn from bacteria, microcosm, and viruses. The cycle comes to life through a meticulous and meditative creative process, with each artwork evolving drop by drop, akin to an organic growth of art. This method of creation not only imparts an aura of attention to detail but also adds a layer of symbolic meaning, reflecting the way life itself forms and evolves. The chromatic palette, rich in organic and vibrant hues, creates an extraordinary visual experience. The abstract forms that emerge tell the story of an invisible world, inviting viewers to explore the connection between humans and the microcosm that surrounds us. Bacteria is not just a series of abstract works; it is an invitation to contemplate life in its minutest details and to reflect on hidden beauty. Through this series, Difilippo provides a unique perspective where art becomes a medium to delve into the complexity of life and to appreciate the gradual and continuous growth that characterizes both art and nature itself.