“Squadro l’orizzonte, stregato dalla sua immensità volo oltre i confini • Sulla terra dal 1988”

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First Works

Period: 2013 - 2014
1| CAMMINO, 2013, mixed on wood, 50x50cm
Make sure your path is paved with colors. Do not lose heart for the obstacles met along the way. Because in the joy of living you will always find a promise of freedom.

2| SOLITUDE, 2014, mixed on canvas, 30x40cm
Solace or refuge, peace or conflict, thought or nostalgia: although it can be defined according to everyone's taste, solitude remains the soul's gaze that everyone has in themselves. In solitude, black and white are dominant and play in a constant contrast that reminds of an ideal condition, in which every unconscious opposition surfaces and collides with the reality. Disappearing for a few moments and ending up into a privileged dimension to observe the world, looking for some mental solace in order to escape from the social system avidity, that oppresses people: the loneliness of the self becomes the loneliness of everybody. The individual’s proud, staring gaze has no way out: alone, pierced by our own ray of sunlight, we can make peace with ourselves and with the heart of the earth.

3| HUMAN EVOLUTION, 2014, oil on canvas, 50x60cm
For the mysterious subject of human evolution the eyes are a window to the soul: the gaze becomes inquiring, expert, and a teacher. In today’s society, in which the dissolute human work is dominant, is there still some space for a pure and innocent look on the world? If air becomes unfit to breathe, food is poisoned and life becomes more cruel, what will save the beauty? Contemporary human beings, cause and consequence of their own disease, will not be able to know any evolution, unless they deprive themselves of their characteristics.No gaze will brighten their face, no lips to savour and kiss, no nose and ears either to listen and smell the perfume of the world and of all of its diversities. Human evolution’s man becomes a metaphor of an existential condition, in which the loss of identity is closely related to human irrationality.