“Squadro l’orizzonte, stregato dalla sua immensità volo oltre i confini • Sulla terra dal 1988”

Vito Difilippo is born in the south side of Italy, Puglia, in 1988. He’s precisely born in Monopoli, a town lapped by the sea. His artistic production locates its starting point in several elements such as the Tavoliere’s dry and endless sweeps, the limitless blue of the sea and the vastness of Apulian sky. Therefore Difilippo clarifies the mystery of nature on canvas, exploring the painting world as a self-taught. It’s this world that he lives again from the stain to abstract informalism. The artist is lured by the things essence, by an incessant tension towards the Truth, the Absolute, the Spiritual in art. All this load turns the painter into a philosopher and a oracle, which is able to unveil secrets hidden from the observer’s eye. The artist examines the city and the space that it sets aside to individual-s emotions. The main topic of the research is that of a universal applicability of colour on any support, from canvas and cardboard to the plain street. The artistic success is also confirmed by the bright success of works that we can define properly urban, independent, unconventional and absolutely unique, mirror of the polyhedral poetic painting of Difilippo. In the last works, currently in processing and continuous development, the studied chromatic stratification is combined with an improvised composition, as in jazz.Difilippo’s work locates research, change and feelings at the foundation of his artistic journey while greeting the future aiming at the horizon. Boundless.